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River Cleanup

Help clean the Jackson River

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Paddle and Cleanup Event

Help us keep the Upper Jackson River clean and free of trash and litter. Join us for our annual river cleanup event. Our staff works with volunteers to cover a 6 or 10-mile stretch of the Jackson River. We hope to be able to have volunteers break up into small groups and paddle different sections of the river, collecting trash along the way. It’s a fun time, and it feels amazing to be part of this effort.

For this year, we plan to have one group paddle 4 miles from Petticoat to Intervale, another group paddle 3.5 miles from Indian Draft to Petticoat, and another group paddle 3 miles from Smith Bridge to Indian Draft. We are also looking to have a land-based group drive to the three boat landings we use and pick up trash at every parking lot access site.

The more people that volunteer, the more we can cover. Cleanup starts at 8:30 a.m. We meet at our Intervale location to enjoy pastries, juice, and coffee before heading out. Groups are encouraged to register together. Groups must be able to paddle the river unaccompanied. We provide trash bags and gloves to all participants. Trash can be left at each river access point for our crew to collect and properly dispose of that afternoon. Thank you for your help in keeping the beautiful Jackson River clean for everyone.